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“ Adhering to the requirements of laws, industry and organisational standards and codes, principles of good governance and accepted community and ethical standards ” - AS 3806-2006.

Compliance has always been with us - so long as there have been rules to adhere to. What has changed is a rapid increase in regulatory complexity and a greater expectation to be compliant.

One consistent theme for compliance managers is the development of an embedded compliance culture. Getting staff to engage with compliance is usually the biggest challenge in this journey. RISKCOMpro provides you a complete compliance management software solution, making it an extremely valuable risk management tool for your organisation to possess and make use of.

Embed Compliance Culture

RISKCOMpro is a compliance management software solution that is designed to be extremely user friendly and engaging. Through our innovative dashboard staff can quickly view their specific compliance obligations and stats on their contribution to compliance. This gives organisations a powerful tool to engage and reward staff for positive behaviours.

  • Tracks and rewards staff activity – encourages staff to “engage” with compliance.
  • Identify, assess and manage compliance risks.
  • Attach legislation, standards or codes of practice to a compliance risk. 
  • Attach key compliance policy or procedural documents to associated compliance risks.
  • Develop you own compliance registers or monitoring checklists that will notify you if a breach has been detected.
  • Create ad-hoc or reoccurring action items for staff and attach documents, forms or registers.
  • Manage compliance training, qualifications and CPD points.
  • Record compliance breaches and incidents
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