Form Builder

RISKCOMpro's Form Builder module allows you to create your own electronic forms and registers.


  • Easily build your own forms specific to your business.
  • Ask any question you want!
  • Choose from a selection of responses: yes/no, multi-choice, free text, number, date selector, time lector, GPS locator or photo.
  • Set form to recognise breach/wrong answer responses.
  • Breach answers are automatically detected and notified to relevant staff.
  • Allocate forms to specific staff, groups or action items.
  • All forms are tablet or smartphone friendly.
  • Push out updates to forms in the field.
  • Produce excel, word or PDF reports from forms.

The big advantage RISKCOMpro has over other form builders is that it allows you to link forms directly to specific risks or hazards (eg. monitoring checklists, JHA, questionnaires, tests).

Cut out paper, duplication, rework, out dated forms, manual marking and slow response times…