Hazard Management

Hazard management software Australia

RISKCOMpro provides organisations with a simple, yet powerful solution to manage hazards.

  • Web based reporting via desktop, tablet or smart phone.  The RISKCOMpro smartphone app allows easy hazard management from anywhere!
  • Real time reporting allows your staff to know about a hazard at their location as soon as it is reported.
  • Drop down boxes, automatic geospatial locator (GPS) and auto boxes make entering data fast, easy and accurate.
  • Take and attach photos using the RISKCOMpro app.
  • Attach photos, videos, documents to a hazard record.
  • Attach action items to a hazard record.

With a high degree of built in flexibility RISKCOMpro ’s Hazard Management software module can be customised to your organisation’s own requirements:

  • Choose which functionality you want to use.
  • Develop your own drop down list of hazards (or use RISKCOMpro).
  • Set your own risk appetite.
  • Choose your own risk matrix.
  • Customise your own library of controls.
  • Create a hazard record from anywhere- in the field or at the desk.

RISKCOMpro allows you to categorise hazards down to a detailed level, this approach has the following advantages:
  • It is easier and much faster for even an untrained user to enter a hazard.
  • It ensures your organisation is talking the same language, even across silos.
  • It allows you to match a ‘managed’ hazard to an incident, which greatly improves your ability to continuously improve your hazard management program.
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