Incident Management

Incident Management Software Australia

The detection, recording and analysing of incidents is a key part of risk management. The more data you can collect from an incident or an event the better your understanding will be of your organisation and its risk profile.

RISKCOMpro’s Incident Management software module works hand in glove with RISKCOMpro’s Risk Management module to match incidents with risks and promotes continuous improvement in your organisation’s risk management program.

Benefits you'll receive
  • Report from anywhere - Web based reporting via desktop, tablet or smart phone. The RISKCOMpro smartphone app allows easy incident reporting anywhere!
  • Real time reporting allows your key staff to know about an incident as soon as it is reported.
  • Drop down boxes, automatic geospatial locator (GPS) and auto boxes make entering data fast, easy and accurate.
  • Take and attach photos using the RISKCOMpro app.
  • Attach photos, videos, documents to an incident record.

RISKCOMpro’s risk categorisation allows incidents to be quickly and easily described with a common ‘risk language’. As such, incidents can be automatically matched to an existing risk record or will indicate a gap in a risk profile.

Keep track of incidents with RISKCOMpro's incident management software module.

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