Powerful Admin Control

Any risk or compliance program that is not driven by an organisation’s needs or objectives will be of little use.

RISKCOMpro is highly flexible and customisable. It allows you to closely align your organisations goals with industry standards to produce a highly effective governance, risk or compliance program.

RISKCOMpro flexible admin options allow you to:
  • Customise your own Risk, Hazard or Incident Registers by switching on or off functions.
  • Customise your own drop down lists for key business or industry specific items (or use RISKCOMpro's).
  • Create your own risk categories (or use RISKCOMpro’s).
  • Create your own library of controls (or use RISKCOMpro’s).
  • Create your own checklists or forms.
  • Create your own registers.
  • Add or remove users to the system and allocate various privileges.
  • Add or remove organisational groups to match your business.
  • Create action items for individuals or groups to complete.


  • Powerful dashboard and reporting allows you to instantly view risks, hazards, incidents or issues as soon as they appear.
  • Monitor staff or groups across the whole organisation.