Risk Management

 “ The coordinated activities to direct and control an organisation with regard to risk" - ISO 31000:2009

Organisation faces many varied risks:

Loss,  Operational Loss,  Injury or Death, Environmental Damage,  Disaster, Security Breach, Property Damage, Fraud, IT Failure, Regulatory Breach, Human Resources Loss, Strategic Failure,  Project Failure and Theft or Loss of Intellectual Property.

Risk Management Tools, Risk Management Plan Templates Australia

RISKCOMpro provides a powerful, yet easy to use Risk Management tool as a solution to all your Risk Management needs:

With a high degree of built in flexibility RISKCOMpro can be customised to your organisation’s own requirements:

  • Fresh functional design.
  • Prepopulated drop down lists.
  • Risk control library.
  • Link documents or forms to risks.
  • Assign action items.

Highly flexible, RISKCOMpro can be customised to your organisation’s own requirements:

  • Choose which functions you want your organisation to use.
  • Develop your own drop down lists (or use RISKCOMpro’s).
  • Set your own risk appetite.
  • Choose your own risk matrix.
  • Customise your own library of controls.
  • Create a risk record from anywhere- in the field or at the desk.

RISKCOMpro allows you to categorise risk down to a detailed level, this approach has the following advantages:

  • It is easier and much faster for even an untrained user to enter a risk.
  • It ensures your organisation is talking the same language, even across silos.
  • It allows you to match a ‘managed’ risk to an incident, which greatly improves your ability to continuously improve your risk management program.

The growing importance of risk management to all aspects of business has been underscored with popularity of standards such as ISO 31000:2009 and COSO/ERM. 

RISKCOMpro provides a risk management plan template that is a professional, easy to use solution for any organisation.

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